The customer experience of ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys

When Björn Hellgren arrives at Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, he no longer has to stand in line at reception to check in and receive his key. He simply uses his mobile phone to open the door to his room.

ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys unlocks the door: “The mobile key is a highly intelligent solution for me in terms of saving time,” hotel guest Björn Hellgren says. “I often stay here, and I can come and go as though this were my own apartment.”ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys and TeliaSonera are piloting a test project in Stockholm in which mobile phones are being used to replace room keys. 

The key function is based on near-field communication (NFC) technology, which enables short-range wireless communication. When a mobile phone is held in front of the lock of a door, the phone’s key function is verified in the same way as an electronic key. 

Björn Hellgren, Deliver Demand Coordinator at Ericsson’s Business Unit Networks and a member of the project’s test group, commutes regularly between Stockholm and his home town of Borås, 400km southwest of Sweden’s capital. This means spending many nights a week at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm.

“I receive a text message saying that I have a room at the hotel, and I get a request to check in,” he says. “So if I check in at the hotel using my mobile phone before or when I arrive, this activates the key function on my phone.”

With the NFC function in his phone, he can also call reception, book a taxi or connect to a direct internet link that gives him a weather forecast, just by holding his phone next to a service panel on the desk.

As well as mobile phones, NFC technology can be built into other products, such as laptops, parking meters, doors, barriers on the subway and digital information boards.

Gustaf Broman, Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Mobile keys, sees huge opportunities for using the key function in mobile phones, not only in hotels, but also in offices and residential buildings.
“More and more mechanical doors are being upgraded to make them electromechanical, and are becoming ‘smarter.’ New phone applications are also providing the opportunity for higher security levels and new types of services,” Broman says.

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