Secudoor security doors make a breakthrough in Lyon

Secudoor security doors meet the need from customers tired of buying doors in pieces. Instead they wish to buy “all-in-one” product, easy to install and use.

Secudoor security door from Abloy and ASSA ABLOY.When the Guillottière post office in Lyon, France, was renovated in 2009, the architect installed five Secudoor door units from Abloy. “The security door Secudoor is capable of withstanding attempts to open it with mechanical and electrical tools for 20 minutes,” says Abloy business manager Franck Lefebvre.

This was not the first time Abloy had supplied Secudoors in the region. “We had already installed four for the Caisse d’Epargne network and two in another post office in Lyon,” Franck says. However, the visibility of the Guillottière contract strengthens the credibility of the Secudoor product and shows how well it responds to market demand.

Tired of buying doors in pieces, large customers are showing real interest in this “all-in-one” product, easy to install and use, which meets the criteria for official “B” approval. As Jean-François Paile, security director at La Poste du Rhône, says, “It is cheaper to buy a Secudoor-type integrated door unit than to put it together from individual components.”