SafeZone is the intelligent solution to door closing problem

Recovering patients at a newly renovated hospital in the US are now able to move around more freely thanks to an intelligent door closing solution from NORTON Door Controls, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

Palmetto Health Baptist, a 489-bed hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, has deployed the SafeZone Intelligent Door Closer in its newly renovated outpatient surgery wing.

Patients helped by intelligent door closing solution from NORTON Door Controls.The SafeZone from NORTON Door Controls has the ability to sense movement around the opening of a door and hold it open, enabling patients to go through a door safely and comfortably.
A number of patients were having trouble going through bathroom doors with standard door closers after having their procedures done. After talking with nurses at the hospital, Carey Page of JHS Architecture realized the nurses needed additional assistance to hold doors while helping patients.

When Dora Yonce, End-User Specialist for ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, learned of the situation, she believed it was a perfect application for SafeZone.

After a demonstration, a number of the staff realized the SafeZone was a viable solution. The SafeZone Intelligent Door Closer uses a motion sensor in conjunction with a door closer to sense motion on either side of the door. When the sensor no longer detects movement, the door closes. The time that SafeZone holds the door open after no longer detecting movement is also programmable, as is the level of detection sensitivity. Whether it’s one person or a group of people, it always prevents the door from closing until everyone is clear. 

Ronald Carroll, Vice President of Palmetto Health Baptist, says patient safety is a primary concern in an outpatient center where people’s mobility can be significantly reduced after a surgical procedure. “The SafeZone Intelligent Door Closer works well for us in helping to ensure the safety of our outpatients and helping them to be as comfortable as possible,” Carroll says.