Gardesa high security door “Welcome” protects the elderly


The Gardesa “Welcome” door helps to address the growing problem of protecting the elderly against scams in their homes.

Hardly a day goes by without news of another fraud committed against elderly people at home alone, some of society’s most vulnerable.

The Italian Police Union representative and Milan Police Inspector Pietro Marfia, who has been on the front line against frauds targeted at the elderly for 20 years, is the inventor of the “Welcome” anti-fraud system.

“Welcome” has been designed from the experience and sensitivity of weaker people, giving the elderly the ability to be in contact with people outside while maintaining maximum safety.

“Welcome” is a high-security door featuring a lock with a European Cylinder and anti-extraction/anti-drilling defender. On the external side, “Welcome” has a flap that allows a person at home to communicate with someone outside, while keeping the door safely closed. The flap is 30 cm high by 16 cm wide, allowing you to see and speak with the person outside. It is also big enough for documents or small parcels to be passed through. When you open the flap, an automatic system activates the deadbolts. Should someone insert a hand through the flap, trying to open the door, the door cannot be opened. The security deadbolts retract only when the flap is closed from the inside and the knob to unlock the additional deadbolts is turned by hand.

A building with anti-burglary systems that is under construction in Milan is fully equipped with “Welcome” doors. This project was born from the cooperation with a real estate agency that, together with Gardesa, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, believes in this unique anti-burglary product.