Aperio locks and access control secures the employment office

The Swedish Public Employment Service needed a solution that would provide security and different levels of access. It found the answer in Aperio.

The interview rooms at the Swedish Public Employment Office are used by several different employees during the day. With ASSA ABLOY’s ARX access control and locks with Aperio access is easy using smart cards key.Every day, job seekers flock to their local employment offices in their search for work, and this creates a great demand for access control.

“Aperio is a very cost-efficient solution for us,” says Stefan Forseth, head of security for the Swedish Public Employment Service. “The readers are quick to install, and we don´t have to make holes in the door. It’s simply superior to our previous solutions.”

It was also important for the Employment Service to be easily able to change activities on the premises – simple with Aperio flexibility – and to have the same access control system at offices around the country. These requirements made ARX the best choice. The solution has so far been installed at three offices in the Stockholm area, and more are expected soon.

Public Employment Service offices are divided into three security zones: a primary zone, where visitors have free access to computer terminals for their job searches, a secondary zone that is accessible to visitors and personnel, and a tertiary, inner zone where only staff members are allowed.

“It is easy to control access to the different zones with the aid of the ARX access control system,” Forseth says.