Turning mobile phones into access devices


The deal will enable consumers to use mobile phones instead of traditional plastic access cards to verify identity in commercial and consumer settings. It will also verify identity for tasks like computer log on, time and attendance monitoring, equipment checkout, prepaid transit passes, and authorized access to office equipment.

“The ability to support iCLASS virtual credentials within a mobile phone opens the door to a new universe of exciting applications,” says Charles Walton, executive vice president of payments for INSIDE Contactless. He says these capabilities are possible because of the microread® NFC controller from INSIDE Contactless.

Any mobile phone using INSIDE’s iCLASS-enabled microread NFC controller with an associated secure element will be able to support the use of iCLASS virtual credentials.  The iCLASS virtual credentials themselves, as well as the credential management and crypto functions, can be activated and provisioned by HID Global, and will reside in a secure element. 

“We’re pleased to be able to extend our partnership with INSIDE because we both realize there is a tremendous opportunity for NFC and iCLASS virtual credentials to transform the corporate mobile phone, one that could even spill over into adjacent markets as the use of iCLASS credentials moves into more consumer-oriented applications,” says Tam Hulusi, senior vice president at HID Global. 

“iCLASS-enabled mobile phones can be used just like traditional iCLASS contactless credentials with an HID iCLASS reader, adding new levels of convenience and flexibility, and with added new application features,” he says.

INSIDE has been HID’s exclusive supplier of semiconductor chips for iCLASS credentials since the establishment of their partnership in 2001.