Smartair breathes life into access control


A retirement home in France has chosen Smartair, a JPM access control solution to improve the security of its Alzheimer ward.

The Sainte Bernadette retirement home in north of Brittany in France, needed an electromechanical solution, fitted to about 20 doors in its Alzheimer ward and professional areas, that met a number of critieria: The solution had to be easy-to-use, easy to reuse in the case of a relocation or renovation, required limited maintenance and allowed for controlled access without the need for lots of keys.

Smartair, an access control system that incorporates lever handles and entry cards, was a good choice to fit the retirement home’s needs.

Smartair can be activated on the room-side of the door so the occupant can get out when they want. On the other side, the clutch is activated by a contactless smartcard using RFID technology / MIFARE protocol. Managing the system is more flexible than with a traditional key control plan as the card can be configured according to time slots, depending on whether or not the care staff are authorized to enter freely.

“We liked the easy installation of the system, which allowed us to keep the original locks and cylinders,” says Christian Premel of the retirement home's technical and security department.

“Smartair also ensured that some of our disorientated residents did not mistakenly enter neighbouring rooms. The software is intuitive and can be operated by someone with only a basic knowledge of computing.”

Premel says other benefits of Smartair included the fact that one-time use access cards could be created for trainees, according to his or her work hours. The owner of a lost card could be immediately identified.

“In the future, there’s a good chance that we’ll choose the same system for our project for a new retirement home,” he says.