RFID changing the world of waste management


While most consumers and businesses don’t think about what becomes of waste after they dispose of it, those responsible for waste handling do – and HID Global is making it easier to collect and manage that information.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a powerful tool for waste collection, disposal and management, delivering compelling benefits to city governments, waste removal contractors and their residential and commercial customers, making it easier to identify and track waste streams.

Colin Thorne, Sales Director EMEA for Industry & Logistics from HID Global says: “Local governments, businesses and individuals all have an interest in making waste collection and disposal as cost-effective as possible. RFID technology provides significant cost benefits by automating various aspects of the operation, including verification of container pick-up, tracking customer usage and measuring route efficiency.”

HID Global offers a range of transponders using RFID technology suitable for waste management operations, including residential and commercial bins, medical waste containers, skips and bottle banks — along with reader cores and support services. HID’s products are compliant with all relevant standards and are fully interoperable with other standardized components and systems.