Panic exit device combined with alarm for people safety and anti-theft


The Push Bar Alarm is based on JPM’s  panic exit device Push Bar 90 +, an all-encompassing Type B anti-panic exit solution where  the door is opened by pushing on a bar, complying with French standard NF EN1125, including 2-hour fire resistance.

The Push Bar Alarm exit device is self-powered by one 9-volt battery and the 90 dB alarm prevents theft by deterring fraudulent exits. It comes with one to three locking points and a wide range of finishes and colors.

The exit device can be installed, used and maintained by anybody, which pleases small and medium-sized shop owners in need of a panic exit device controlled door.  These establishments are open to people and need to comply with emergency exit regulations, but are often tempted to block their emergency exits to prevent theft. The Push Bar Alarm provides a solution that ensures both the safety of their customers and security of their goods.

At the Expoprotection trade fair in early November, which brought together professionals from the field of risk prevention and management, JPM’s Push Bar Alarm was awarded second place in the Innovation Trophies in the category Safety/Security. This prize rewards "the first anti-panic closing with autonomous built-in alarm".