Orion by VingCard Elsafe, new energy management solution

A new intelligent energy management solution by VingCard Elsafe allows hotels to remotely manage guestroom temperatures from one central location and automatically control temperature settings as guests travel in and out of guestrooms.

Officially unveiled at the High Impact Technology Exchange (HITEC) Conference 2010 in Orlando, Florida in June, the solution – called Orion – is designed to reduce energy costs while ensuring guest comfort by integrating VingCard Elsafe’s new intelligent thermostat into a hotel’s wireless online locking system. 

Rune Venas, president of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality in North America says: “With energy as one of the highest costs for a hotel property, Orion by VingCard Elsafe will save money by increasing the efficiency of hotel staff and decrease energy costs. Orion by VingCard Elsafe also dramatically improves the guest comfort and overall experience while contributing to improve hotels´ ‘green’ initiatives.”

While Orion by VingCard Elsafe can operate independently of a property’s locking solution, the system was designed to offer maximum functionality with VISIONLINE, VingCard’s wireless online system that offers reliable wireless two-way communication from standalone electronic door locks to their host security and PMS systems.

When used together with VISIONLINE, Orion solution allows door locks to communicate directly with the room’s thermostat upon the entry of a guest, removing the need for additional door switches. By offering a complete and smooth integration of locks, safes and thermostat on the same wireless online platform, the system determines whether an individual entering the room is a guest or a member of the hotel staff through the lock itself, informing the thermostat that the keycard opening the guestroom door is either a guest card or a hotel staff card, signaling the thermostat to adjust the temperature.

“Having VISIONLINE and Orion by VingCard Elsafe on the same wireless platform, gives hoteliers the advantages of  all the integration in reporting, plus the convenience of  remote management from a central location for both locks and thermostat due to the same RF-online network installation,” said Venas.