No icing over quality

You know that quality is a major component of a technology solution when it continues to function under the most severe conditions such as when it’s covered by a solid block of ice.

Last winter, a stretch of severely cold weather combined with a bad roof drainage situation caused an HID reader used for building access at an ADT Security Services client facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, to completely “ice over.” Because it kept working, no one bothered to report that the product was covered by a solid block of ice.

HID reader severe conditions“None of the employees complained about it because it kept working,” says Gene Brierton, integrated system manager at ADT Security Services. “Some employees who wanted to use the keypad would chip off enough ice to access the keys, but no one ever went as far as asking the company’s facilities staff to remove the ice.”

Tom Tracz, a systems application manager for ADT Security Services, says he wasn’t surprised that the reader kept working. “I’ve been putting in systems like this for more than 30 years, and it really comes down to the trust you have in the product and in the solution,” he says. “HID’s products emphasize quality with every new installation we do.”

“Our clients trust us to select quality technology solutions for their needs,” Gene says. “It’s not about buying a single quality product. There are a number of parts to building a security system for our customers, and the system is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. That’s why it’s smart business for us to provide quality technology solutions for our customers.”

The client has since fixed the drainage problem that caused the reader to be covered in ice.