Mobile keys provide instant credentials


Mobile phones have steadily offered users more tools and benefits than simply making and receiving calls. Thanks to NFC technology your keys could be loaded onto your handset in the near future.

Mobile contactless credentials act as virtual keys or access control cards that can be stored in your mobile handset and used to lock and unlock doors. NFC (Near Field Communication) is the short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of information between electronic devices.

Contactless credentials already exist in various forms as relates to access control. Two common form factors are fobs or plastic access cards. These fobs and access cards can be programmed with contactless credentials that provide various levels of access to buildings, rooms and offices.

But mobile contactless credentials located within a handset boast benefits over existing contactless access control systems: Mobile contactless credentials allow users to simplify by carrying fewer things, like fobs and cards. For security managers, they make it easier to keep more precise track of who is entering and exiting monitored access points.

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