Intelligent security door

A security door has always been the safest access for any kind of building. Now, Gardesa in Italy has gone further with Cavò, a computerized door opening solution that communicates with the user and satisfies any control needs. Going beyond traditional keys and locks, the latest generation of the Cavò line is fitted with fully automatic opening and closing devices. There are three models in the Cavò range.

The perhaps most exciting model is the Futura. Its automatic opening system is controlled by a digital key using EASY (Electronic Access System) technology. The EASY technology uses the human body as an antenna to transmit a cryptographed code from the key to the lock. The user can even keep the special key in a bag or pocket, then, by simply touching the knob of the internal or external door, the lock releases the deadbolts and opens.

The more basic model is called the Dynamic. It maintains both the electronic and mechanical opening systems, with electronic opening activated when a proximity transponder is placed near the internal or external door’s plate.

And last there is the Techno, which opens in a fully electronic way. The door is protected by SENTINEL, a hidden security device that activates an acoustic alarm in case of attempted tampering. The electronic card not only controls the lock but can memorize up to 500 different keys, each customized for a specific use, and up to 1,000 events, using a self-diagnosis system to detect any errors.