High-security garage door


With the launch of A2P burglary resistant garage door Carstyl, Fichet Serrurerie Bâtiment in France now offers a full range of certified global home-protection products.

After the Forstyl house door, the Barfor shutter lock and the wired alarm, the new Carstyl garage door means that Fichet Serrurerie Bâtiment FSB, via its Point Fort Fichet network, is the only manufacturer in France to offer an A2P-certified range of global home-protection products.

Carstyl has multiple assets, the first being its strength. Following burglary-resistance tests carried out at the CNPP European Safety and Security Centre in Vernon, France, it was awarded A2P certification for its resistance. The thick, rigid aluminum panels make the door highly resistant to burglary as well as the wind – but not at the cost of space. Thanks to its up-and-over opening system, the effective volume of the garage remains unchanged, making Carstyl the ideal product for large vehicles. With the push of a button on the remote control, the door slides accurately and silently on its rails.

Customers can choose from four wood finishes and combine panels in two colors from a range of 20 different shades, 12 of which are coordinated with the Forstyl front door.

From the design stage, FSB also set out to make Carstyl an environmentally friendly product, featuring 100 percent infinitely recyclable aluminium, insulating foam free of chlorofluorocarbons and an economical motor that can be powered by photovoltaic panels.

Only Point Fort Fichet outlet technicians, specially trained by FSB, are authorized to order the product. This is an essential requirement to guarantee a top-quality installation. “The network has welcomed this move very positively at each session,” says Jean-Luc Perret-Blanc, sales director. “Our retailers are aware of the benefits of being the exclusive distributors of the product in France.”

Primarily, Carstyl is targeting the replacement market, but opportunities also exist in the new build market.