HID Global’s print management solution saves money and reduces carbon footprint


HID Global has partnered with leading multifunction printer manufacturers and their application solution providers to create an eco-friendly print management solution.

The solution will enable companies not only to reduce their carbon footprint, but also to increase security and save money.

The company’s “secure print authentication” document printing solution extends an organization’s existing security investment by combining a secure document print release system with the same industry standard HID Global readers and HID Prox and/or iCLASS® cards that are used for building access at Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide.

A recent study found that the average employee prints 10,000 pages per year, of which 17 percent is not actually needed. In addition, the study found that the paper printed each year by a single employee produced greenhouse gasses equivalent to one week of car exhaust.

HID Global’s solution helps eliminate these issues and is ideal for companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint, waste associated with printing and electricity consumption. It eliminates paper waste by deleting print jobs not released in pre-set timeframes; reduces the use of toner and wear on the device by printing fewer documents; and allows a device to function in a low-power mode until a card is swiped to start a printing job, saving electricity.

The reduced waste and electricity consumption also translates to cost savings for organizations, where the print management solution annually saves organizations up to USD $220 for each employee.

It also solves security concerns posed by all-in-one multifunction printer devices that allow organizations to easily scan, print, copy sensitive data. Printing and imaging devices have presented security risks for which very few organizations have established internal policies to limit the access or transfer of sensitive information.