HID Global innovates secure identity


”HID understood the need to virtualize its product line early on. Virtualization is the process that replicates identity cards and reader functionality in software that run on digital devices and is the way of the future”, says Tam Hulusi, the senior vice president responsible for innovation and intellectual property at HID Global.

In his role, Tam is tasked with expanding the value of HID’s worldwide technology assets for customers and partners by optimizing current technologies as well as leveraging his experience to bring emerging technologies to market. 
HID’s first success was to embed a virtual reader into Dell laptops. New technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), now awaiting mass adoption in mobile phones, are allowing this to happen by providing a platform to support HID’s virtual products.

To this end, HID has developed a concept of end-to-end secure identity capability that confers trusted status to data being transferred between devices. HID calls this the Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP).

TIP is based on a set of industry-standard protocols that let diverse elements within a network operate in a trustworthy manner and provides a platform on which to construct trust-based applications. TIP also manages sensitive data, such as encryption keys, and uniquely identifies and authenticates end-point devices.

Over the past two years, HID has invested in IT infrastructure to enable TIP operation for all of its iCLASS card personalization factories across the globe. Through a central authority – a secure vault operating under a formalized key management and security policy – HID controls the programming of iCLASS cards via the Internet to more than 65 nodes in global locations, including Hong Kong, India, China, UK, the United States and Switzerland.

Using TIP, HID now offer its customers trusted data services, such as delivery of secure identity data, which they can load onto mobile devices or program traditional cards at a secure location using HID’s TIP-enabled Fargo brand printers. TIP offers a secure bridge between the access control domain and other external trusted services, such as fare collection turnstiles and vending machines, where secure identity plays an important role.