Healthcare sector trusts in Logic


Medeco High Security Locks is seeing an increased demand for its e-cylinder security products – also known as electronic or digital door lock cylinders and digital keys –including the Hybrid, Logic and NEXGEN XT cylinders because these products provide a cost-effective solution for healthcare facility security and access tracking and control.

Mid County Rehab Clinic in Lantana, Florida is one facility that recently installed two Medeco Logic e-cylinders on the doors to their controlled-substances dispensary.  Lawrence Bentvena, a doctor at the clinic, says: “From a regulatory standpoint, this system removes any questions as to who has access.”

Bentvena specified two keys – one of which is programmed to allow access only during business hours and another 24-hour key, which only he holds.

Aside from preventing unauthorized access to secure areas, e-cylinders also provide data that can be used to regulate access, identifying both suspicious access trends and attempts to gain unauthorized access.

Tom Kaika, President of Medeco High Security Locks, says: “The industry’s continued focus on security requirements reaffirms the growing belief that traditional mechanical master key systems can’t offer the level of protection, flexibility and data needed to control access today. Instead, a viable, cost-effective solution to access control lies in combining both mechanical and electronic door locking systems’ best features into one system.”