Haymarket plays its HID smart cards right


HID’s iCLASS give Haymarket Media Group a seamless integrated solution for its security environment. Staff uses their cards as ID cards, for access control, parking, remote monitoring and follow-me printing.

“We have been using HID products for the last eight years and we’re satisfied with their quality and performance”, says Andy Erskine, Group Facilities Director and responsible for security at Haymarket in the UK.

Erskine states that Haymarket was never in any doubt when it came to selecting a supplier for its smart cards. “We never seriously considered a supplier other than HID. We have had very good experience of HID Global products in the past”.

However, before a firm decision was made regarding which technology to choose, Erskine and his team contacted other HID Global iCLASS users to get a better understanding of how the technology worked for them. Once satisfied that iCLASS was the right choice, Haymarket defined the applications and functionalities for which smart cards would be used.

“One of the key aims of using smart cards was that we wanted to integrate them with our existing security capabilities, which meant a seamless system that would allow us to integrate smart cards with electromechanical locks, set and turn off alarms and enable remote locking,” states Erskine.

The long-read range of iCLASS was also a key deciding factor for Haymarket, as the cards are used not only to enter the building, but also the parking lot on a daily basis. “We wanted to make access control and secure parking easier for our staff and the longer the read-range the more convenient it is,” Erskine explains.

As a result of implementing and upgrading to iCLASS smart cards, Haymarket is able to remotely monitor all of its premises and properties, which has produced cost savings of about GBP 300,000 per year.

“HID Global products have really lived up to our expectations and we are especially pleased with the product quality,” says Erskine.