Gazing into the security future


Peter Majanen, trend analyst with the Swedish "future researchers" Quattroporte, says that security companies have been protected until now by a certain national market fragmentation.

"There have been physical elements which have been exclusive to each country," he argues, "but things are moving faster and security companies, like other B2B actors, have to spot the new issues early on."

For that, he says, they need to be closely in touch with their customers, which they haven't always been in the past.

The issue which is really leading towards a global security market is networking. Just as the internet has led to a certain homogenization of business activities, the possibility of networking security using Internet Protocol has led to an increased internationalization of that market too.

And that's where analysts see the most significant developments within the next 5-10 years.

Digital security

So far, though, even if security is being networked or even sent out on the internet for remote configuration, the information is usually kept within the company. But, Majanen expects that will change.

"Security is becoming a digital business and that is leading to a change in the business model,” he notes. “It's becoming a digital service business."

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