Digital Yale Keyfree transforms home security


Yale Keyfree is the smart digital lock for home security in the UK.

The digital door lock Yale Keyfree allows users to access and secure their homes using a personalized PIN code or remote control fob, with no need for a traditional key.

The handy PIN code access means there’s no need to worry about forgetting keys ever again – and when another family member forgets the code can simply be texted it to them. For those with an active lifestyle the PIN access is ideal. Whether going out for a run, a bike ride or walking the dog, with the Keyfree lock from Yale there’s no need to take any bulky and awkward keys along.

For those who enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle, the remote fob comes in handy. With a 20 meter range, the fob can open the front door as one pull up in the car. And the visitor code function allows giving access to close friends and family or neighbors without needing to get extra keys cut.

The electronic lock makes life safer - automatically locking on the latch when the door is closed, preventing anyone from following inside.

Keyfree is a standalone, battery-operated unit, designed for installation on new residential doors.

The lock will be sold in the UK via a nationwide network of door manufacturers and installers.