Video over IP in security cameras


The global market for CCTV has grown enormously with digitalization and video over IP paving the way for improved surveillance systems. So how are camera developments keeping up?

If there's one thing everyone seems to agree on, it's that providing security cameras with Internet Protocol (IP) was a major moment for the camera industry.

"Everything started with IP," says Archana Rao, senior research analyst for electronic security with business research company Frost and Sullivan. "It was the origin of all the innovations."

Video over IP was the most important development, says Frank Pokropp, sales manager for security technology at W.I.S., one of Germany's biggest security providers. "It revolutionized the market."

IP was possible because of digitalization, and the two developments together have made a big difference: megapixel cameras, video analytics and remote monitoring have all been made possible, or at least easier, by having digital cameras linked into networks.

Improvements in image sensors, allowing more powerful, smaller, less power-hungry cameras and improved video analytics potential are other major influencers. 

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