ASSA 3000 now with code lock


The ASSA 3000 remote-controlled digital door lock is convenient and secure. A code lock option is now available that makes the lock even simpler and safer.

The ASSA 3000 was launched in the Scandinavian market in 2007 and is primarily targeted at home owners. This flexible lock can be operated with a key or by remote control, depending on the homeowner’s preference, just like a lock on a car. A code lock option is now available that provides greater security and convenience for the homeowner.

A code lock makes it easier to use automatic locking. Meanwhile, life becomes more secure when a house is locked even during short outings. Walking the dog, playing in the garden or going for a run – these are situations when many people are careless about locking the door.

The security level of the lock can be adapted to personal and changing requirements.  With a simple push of the button, various security levels can be achieved ranging progressively from unlocked to security locked. Day locked, when the door is automatically locked from the outside, but unlocked from the inside, is a useful setting.
“This feature was developed because many thefts occur when the homeowner is at home, perhaps upstairs, or out in the garden,” says Johan Lokind, product manager at ASSA.

With the highest security level, when the house is empty, the patented hook bolt is locked and the handle is blocked on the inside to prevent breaking out of the house. A burglar shouldn’t be able to just stroll out the front door carrying the goods.

Johan lists the advantages of the new optional code lock: “It’s simple and convenient when you don’t have to keep track of the key and worry about losing it. Everyone can get a personal code and it’s possible to add and delete temporary codes. This feature simplifies life for all family members, as well as for cleaning services, repairmen, babysitters and house-sitters.”