Airport security


On ASSA ABLOY's Future Labe you can read about how this effect people's privacy and for example the latest advent in airport security technology: full-body scanners.

The controversial scanners produce a three-dimensional image of a person’s body beneath their clothes, ostensibly providing security staff a naked image of the person being scanned.

But while full body scanners serve a purpose, security officials and governments must remember that there is no single, foolproof technology that is guaranteed to keep all flights and airports safe.

Standard security technology in airports includes metal detectors, swabs for bags used to detect explosive materials and, in the wake of September 11, new screening technology for checked and carry-on bags.

But the implementation of full body scanners raises several questions: Do they invade a passenger’s privacy? Who will pay for the pricey machines? And where will the scanners fit into an airport’s existing screening process?

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