Where service is a way of life


In five-star hotels such as the London Hilton on Park Lane, people expect quality in every aspect of their stay – including feeling secure.

People come to the London Hilton on Park Lane not only to stay. They also come to be entertained and to enjoy the culinary delights offered by its restaurants and bars. “There is never a good time to service a hotel that is open 24 hours a day and has as many guests and people passing through its doors as we do here at the Hilton,” says Ian Blake, the hotel’s security manager.

key cardWithin their service contract with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, London Hilton on Park Lane normally gets two visits a year for service or staff training. This way, their system competence and maintenance levels are kept up. From the hotel’s perspective, Blake says, “It’s fundamental to have functioning systems. If key cards can’t be coded or locks stop working, our guests can’t enter their rooms.”

According to Blake, a hotel can’t be made completely secure because it can’t be closed off the same way a bank or airport can. He believes that hotel security needs to be managed keeping this fact in mind. “I find there are three things that are important to have when it comes to hotel security: a good CCTV system, a good alarm system and a good lock system on the doors – safes for guest valuables included,” he says.

The VingCard door locks and the Elsafe safes’ reliability, quality and ability to conduct audit trails of their openings are also valuable. With the currently installed locks, the logged history includes the last 100 openings. Blake says he would like to see an even longer history of openings. “To increase the number of openings logged we are thinking about upgrading to the new VingCard Signature RFID lock when refurbishing the hotel rooms – something we do continuously on a number of floors each year,” he says.

At the end of the day, Blake describes himself as a happy customer who values his relationship with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality. “Obviously, you must be doing something right because we have stayed with you for a long time,” he says with a smile.