Unleash the power through solar technology


New technologies have emerged that can power up security systems without wires or batteries. Solar, wireless power transmission and energy harvesting solutions are environmentally friendly alternatives that can also reduce maintenance and installation costs.

Advanced security systems rely on some kind of power. A typical access control system might include several electrical devices – such as magnetic locks, an automated door closer, a smartcard reader and a security camera, which may also need to network with a central monitoring system.   

Batteries of course eliminate the need for electrical connections, but cause other issues. For security systems, reliability is paramount: For example, if a door with magnetic locks loses power, it will default to an unlocked position. They are also expensive.

New technologies, such as solar, wireless power transmission and energy harvesting solutions, can provide power without wires or batteries and are making it possible for companies to reduce installation and maintenance costs as well as impact on the environment.  

Self-powered technologies are another possible solution – using the energy created when a knob is turned or a door is opened. Initial products required some compromises; for example, requiring a user to pump a door handle three or four times to “charge” a system prior to gaining access.  

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