Swedish market says Hi-O


After being launched in Sweden on the Skydd 2008 trade fair in September, Hi-O products now attract more and more customers.

“We can see that the Swedish customers don’t necessarily see the simplification Hi-O brings, but they do see the potential with the more detailed information reports that Hi-O products offer. And they appreciate that it is possible to manage the system remotely and in real-time,” says Johan Lokind, product manager for Hi-O at ASSA in Sweden.

ASSA offers Hi-O products mainly as part of installations of ASSA’s access control system ARX. “We strengthen our current ARX-offering using the intelligence that Hi-O products offer, together with ARX.” says Lokind.

On a day to day basis, the most powerful advantage for Hi-O on the Swedish market seems to be the possibilities of improved service and maintenance. If a product fails or a Hi-O equipped door is not opening correctly, the Hi-O information in ARX tells the installer exactly which component needs replacing and where it’s located. “This saves the installer a lot of time both on fixing the problem and on limiting obstructions in people’s convenience,” Lokind says.

A Hi-O diagnostic module will be available in ARX in late 2009. This will enable a Hi-O components or doors in a system to report problems. The idea is that the contracted installer will have all the information he needs in order to quickly solve the problem on site, before it has caused too much inconvenience. One way of communicating this type of incidents or potential problems could be an e-mail.

“With this coming Hi-O diagnostics together with ARX, our customers will have better control and more detailed knowledge of their access control system. This will help them to save costs over time in terms of maintaining their facility, reduce inconvenient errors and to maintain their security level,” Lokind concludes.