SW100’s “silence is golden” for UK theatre


The silent Besam SW100 swing door operator proved to be a success in the Central Theatre in Chatham, Kent.

The Central Theatre in Chatham, Kent is a popular venue for both films and live performances, and thanks to the Besam SW100 swing door operator, audience members seated at the back of the house can hear the shows just as well as those in the orchestra seats.

SW 100Initially, the swing doors at the back of the 960-seat theatre were fitted with Besam PowerSwings, but both patrons and performers were often distracted by the operator noise whenever someone left to visit the lobby or use the restrooms. Besam UK replaced the PowerSwings with the (now discontinued) OPB operator, which was quieter but still not ideal.

This led Besam UK to select the Central Theater as its first test-site for the SW100, our highly-intelligent swing door operator that features near-silent operation.

“The test proved to be a complete success,” notes Besam UK account representative Jim Leslie. “The theatre’s management is delighted to be able to offer theatre-goers the convenience of automatic doors without any adverse affect on their enjoyment of the performances.”