Security in high-risk facilities


Nuclear plants, hydro stations and other high-risk facilities have substantially increased their security expenditures. They are also forming partnerships to enhance their security vigilance.

Hostile intruders are a major risk for nuclear power stations, water treatment plants, chemical factories and many other facilities.

As in all aspects of public security, it was 9/11 which resulted in a major change of attitude, bringing security front and center. The US nuclear industry has spent more than USD1.2 billion over seven years on additional officers alone. Expenditure on security has risen 64% over that period.

A specialist in security hardware for high-risk industries says that the water industry is spending quite a lot of this money on the provision of high-security doors and the upgrading of locking devices, such as cylinders or padlocks with patent protected key systems.

A director at the Nuclear Energy Institute comments: “As technologies become available, we'll be using them. We would rather take our people out of harm's way and put technology there instead.”

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