No limits for intelligent readers

Today, card readers and controllers are becoming network appliances and as such may play a vital role in a company’s business system, with the door becoming as much a part of the network as desktop computers.

ReaderNew technology means that control panels are moving into the card readers and the multitude of wires that used to connect the doors with the control panel are being replaced by a single Ethernet cable.

Recently developed readers can run on a single battery for as long as several years. The ASSA ABLOY Aperio system, for example, offers wireless possibilities for online door control, enabling mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to an existing access control system. It is a straightforward, easy and convenient way to add more doors that can be monitored, thereby increasing security and controllability.

Ordinary homes may soon be switching from physical keys to card/credential-based access control and several vendors are making e-cylinders that are wireless and have card readers built into them. Information sent from access card readers is going beyond physical access control and making its way into new applications.

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