It started with a swing door

In 1962, Bertil Samuelson founded Besam. Before long, based on his swing door operator, the company had established subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany and England.

Now a part of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Besam comprises 26 companies worldwide, each selling and servicing complete entrance solutions from a portfolio that has grown to include sliding doors, revolving doors, air curtains and roller shutters.
But swing door operators remain a staple, with products constantly evolving to meet changing demands for convenience, accessibility and safety. “With swingers, in addition to new sales, there’s a huge market for retrofits,” explains Bertil Skogum, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems product manager for swing doors. “In many cases we can mount a Besam operator to an existing manual door, which is a very cost-effective way for a customer to automate.”

besamBesam’s swing door product line includes the SwingMaster (sold as the IK series in Europe) the PowerSwing, and its newest operator, the low-energy SW100. The SwingMaster is a heavy-duty operator ideally suited for applications with high pedestrian traffic volume, such as hospitals and retail stores. It’s sold mainly in North America and can be concealed or surface-applied depending on customer need.

The PowerSwing is a versatile, fire-approved electrohydraulic operator for internal and external swing doors that is very popular in both Europe and North America. It can be found in health-care settings, public and private office buildings and the retail and transportation segments, depending on the market.

Besam’s newest swing door product is the SW100, a low-energy operator developed specifically for the North American market, where accessibility regulations have created a need to automate light-traffic swing doors. “The SW100 is one of the most silent and intelligent operators available in the market today,” Bertil says. “That’s really important for interior office or residential environments, not to mention our original customer, the hospital.”