International awards for access control products


ASSA Code Handle 8810 and HID on the Desktop grabbed Detektor International awards in the access control category at the Sectech security show in Stockholm, October 20-21.

The Highly Commended Product Award went to the Code Handle 8810 – a handle with integrated code functionality from ASSA OEM. The jury praised the handle for being “a triumph for Scandinavian aesthetics and smart design,” and added: “With the ASSA Code Handle 8810 the market has been blessed with an electro-mechanical code handle that suits almost any indoor environment.

“Simplicity in installation, design and use clearly points to an effective solution for settings such as offices and retail shops, schools, hospitals and even homes.”

The Innovative Achievement Award went to HID on the Desktop, a solution that turns a physical and logical access control into a single integrated solution, from HID Global.

The jury commented that: “The HID on the Desktop package seamlessly turns a physical and logical access control into a single integrated solution. Simple and convenient use, easy installation and maintenance, together with reliable and secure operation are the key characteristics of the HID on the Desktop solution.

“With this product HID has once again made an important contribution to the management and improvement of security throughout commercial and public organizations.”


Facts - Code handle

The ASSA Code Handle 8810 is a door handle with an integrated mechanical lock. It can be fitted to most internal doors and windows. It can be unlocked by simply tapping in a code – yet it does not require any wires or special fitting. Designed to fill a niche in ASSA ABLOY's product mix, it’s ideal for domestic use, in offices, stores, schools and hospitals.

Facts - HID on the desktop

HID on the Desktop – a three-component solution of HID cards, OMNIKEY readers and naviGO software – provides corporate enterprises with the flexibility to deploy the most “risk-appropriate” authentication method.¨ A single credential can be used for both physical and logical access. Depending on the employee role or job function, a single system can be used to manage different methods of log-on security supporting two-factor authentication (using PIN and card).