Innovative strategic crime prevention


Lockwood and Crime Stoppers in a new strategic partnership in Crime Prevention for Australia.

Both organisations have incredibly high brand awareness in the community. Crime Stoppers has brand awareness in Australia in the order of 98% and has an umbilical link to Police agencies in Australia and around the world. Whilst a key focus of the Crime Stoppers operations in past years has been crime solving, Crime Stoppers has broadened its perspective in recent years to take a pro active position in crime prevention. To that end Crime Stoppers partners with selective strategically aligned innovative organisations with products and services that support this position.

Peter Price OAM, Chairman of Crime Stoppers Australia said: “Investing in Crime Prevention activities is a key charter for Crime Stoppers, not only in Australia but around the world.”

Price continued to say: “Lockwood is one of these organisations. We look forward to a successful partnership, to the ultimate benefit of both Lockwood residential and commercial customers.”

"Lockwood have been securing Australian homes and business with quality locking products for over 75 years. Taking a positive approach to home security is the first step in providing safer and more secure home. Prevention is better than the cure", said Neil Mitchelhill, Business Manager Sales and Marketing, Lockwood.

"At Lockwood we truly believe that it’s our responsibility to not only communicate but educate the general public to ensure they are able to make an informed purchasing decision. With this in mind we are entering this joint venture with Crime Stoppers with two key objectives. Firstly, to educate consumers on crime prevention, including safety and security. Secondly, to continue Lockwood’s long standing support of community organisations in areas such as crime prevention." 

Price confirmed that this is a selective commercial arrangement, with Lockwood making a modest contribution to Crime Stoppers, which is a Not for Profit organisation. With strong synergies and long stable history’s both Crime Stoppers and Lockwood are excited to be joining forces to help make Australian communities safer and more secure.