Hotel security and RFID advantages


Security isn’t the biggest issue for a hotel guest – unless of course something goes wrong. Then you would want to know why the systems that you were sure were in place failed.

Hotels are as risky as the society around them. A hotel with a big conference going on has a lot of people milling around, and almost all of them are strangers. Many hotels need better control over how people get to the rooms, with card readers required for access through doors and into elevators.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one solution that seems to be taking the hospitality industry by storm. RFID key cards only have to be placed close to a reader, and that in itself is a big improvement on the old systems. They are also more secure than magnetic stripe card technology, as they are embedded with an exclusive anti-cloning technology. In addition, RFID cards allow much better control of what’s going on.

Tour organizers and business travel agents are demanding increasingly high standards and it is up to hotels to ensure that they can deliver.

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