High-flying project with Airbus Industrie


Airbus Industries has selected Abloy France and Intégral Système Midi Pyrenées to lock its IT equipment rooms.

A business partnership signed two years ago between Abloy France, an expert in electromechanical solutions, and Intégral Système France, a distributor of locking and access control systems, has taken off.

“We have won a contract with Airbus Industrie, focusing initially on making its IT equipment rooms in Toulouse secure,” says Franck Bouteille, manager of Intégral Système Midi Pyrénées. The rooms are located at Airbus Industrie’s three main Toulouse-based plants: Saint-Martin, Louis Breguet and Jean-Luc Lagardère. Every month, 12 jumbo jets will leave its factories. “Airbus Industrie is truly a city within the city, with more than 30,000 people working in three sites,” says Lionel Sanvoisin, sales manager of the south-west zone for Abloy France.

After a three-year business initiative, Abloy France and Intégral Système MP ended up jointly winning the trust of the purchasing, general means and technical departments at Airbus Industrie, whom they advised in choosing the best solution for securing their rooms. “With a single product, a lever-controlled locking system comprising an electrolock mortised in a door, our customer has the answer to all its questions,” Franck says. “Already a global benchmark, the ABLOY EL 560 lock from Abloy France has been selected for this system,” Lionel says.

This locking and access control system is fully adaptable on around one-third of existing doors. On the others, the doors will be replaced.

Chosen to equip the IT equipment rooms in Toulouse only for the time being, Abloy France hopes to see this technical solution become the standard for Airbus Industrie and its distributors and sub-distributors across Europe. “The market potential currently concerns 800 IT equipment rooms that will need equipping in the next five years,” Lionel says. For the first work phase, planned for three years, neither partner has spared any pains to make the necessary readjustments and coordinate the vast network of professions, electricians, carpenters and others, working on the project.

“With the help of Forclum, a subsidiary of the Eiffage Group specializing in electrical installation, we have already commissioned more than 300 locks,” Lionel says. The keys to the success of this contract have been customer focus and emphasis on a sound, loyal partnership between the manufacturer (Abloy France), the distributor (Intégral Système) and the installer (Forclum). This alliance has opened the door to a high-flying market.