Get the Edge

IP Edge access control consolidates controller and reader functions into a single open-standard device that connects directly to the network.

This system provides organizations with greater flexibility and significant cost savings – and could also enable a broad variety of new applications.

Today, most systems use door-mounted card readers which selectively grant access based on data stored in a remote controller. Most components of the system are proprietary, restricting customers to the feature sets that were commercially available and making it difficult for them to switch vendors. 

edgeIP Edge systems combine both the reader and controller into a single compact device that is directly connected to the existing corporate network.  No additional proprietary network wiring is required – enabling a much higher return on investment.

This approach offers significantly more flexibility, allowing organizations to easily add individual doors to their security network, or even mix and match open-standard products from different vendors. 

Overall, IP Edge systems offer compelling cost and flexibility benefits today – and the potential for exciting new applications in the future.

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