German manufacturer chooses online access control for wireless doors

A wireless online solution implemented by Nedap, in cooperation with ASSA ABLOY, is helping Mürdter Metall cut back on costs and keep its facilities secure.

Mürdter Metall – a German manufacturer of plastic and metal mouldings for the automotive industry – needed a solution that would boost security at their facility by upgrading its mechanical doors to be included in an online access control system.

AperioThe outer perimeters of Mürdter’s buildings are already connected to Nedap’s AEOS online access control system. However, the company also wanted to be able to monitor some doors inside the buildings, but did not want to re-cable the doors or pay for additional security measures. 

Nedap’s online security management system, AEOS, combined with ASSA ABLOYs Aperio Wireless Locks, was the perfect solution, offering many possibilities to control and secure online doors through the integration of wireless locks.

Because Aperio was developed to wireless connect doors to an existing electronic access control system, using the technology meant that the internal doors – the ones Mürdter wanted to monitor – could be connected to the access control system without having to cable every door lock.

Mürdter can now manage and control the locks in the AEOS system. The integration of Mürdter’s offline cylinders into the AEOS system has had cost-saving benefits since authorizations and access rights are issued and configured within the system, without the need for duplicate databases.

For example, if an employee shows their access badge at a wireless Aperio lock, the online system verifies the authorization. If the person has been authorized, access is granted. If not, that person’s badge is blocked in the system, and this is directly communicated to the wireless lock via the network. That person’s access badge is then denied at both the online doors and doors with the wireless locks.