Full functionality in the ARX access control system


Patented communication security, on-line management and easy integration of external systems – ASSA’s access control system ARX is becoming a customer favorite.

Swedish ASSA’s ARX is rapidly becoming a success among customers. Being a modular access control system, it offers the customer a standard base set up with option to add on modules according to need. The typical installation is either at customers requiring a large system with basic or repetitive functionality, or smaller systems with multiple and complex functionality. 

A security solution is often a well thought through investment for the customer and needs to care for today’s as well as future needs. “One of ARX’s benefits is that it is very easy to integrate with other systems. Some examples are alarm systems, visitor registration, booking systems and Foto ID management” says Henrik Mella, Business Unit Manager at ASSA AB in Sweden.

Another advantage is the on-line management over the Internet or an intranet, making it ideal for customers with geographically remote or wide-spread locations.ASSA´s access control system ARX “Instead of training people in each location, management of the system can be handled centrally, saving the customer time and resources. The customer can manage who should get access where and when in real-time over a secure tunnel on the Internet,” Mella explains.

All ARX solutions include a client software for configuration and administration, an access controller which makes the decision to allow access or not, a server for communication with the system’s access controller, a reader, a door controller and an electronic lock. In addition the customer can add components such as door automatics and exit buttons. Each access controller can handle up to 16 doors and there is in practice no limit to how many access controllers an ARX installation can handle.

Just recently, ASSA also started to offer Hi-O products to its ARX customers. Hi-O, being the Group’s technology for intelligent doors, is typically installed on doors with extra high security requirements. “Hi-O really completes the ARX system and will enable us to provide completely new features to our customers”, says Mella.