Besam quality stands up to strong winds


Besam Australia customer Bunnings Hardware experienced the durability of Besam automatic door systems during a heavy storm.

The retail chain of 220 stores across Australia and New Zealand chose Besam to provide five automatic entrances per location, including Besam Frame sliding door systems with mid-rails and side-screens to form a complete shop-front.

Besam Australia Managing Director David Churchill says Besam won the contract due to its genuine national footprint with offices and technicians in every state, and its reputation for quality equipment.

“Our complete automatic door systems really clinched it for us,” David reports. “Bunnings’ representatives were very impressed that we had our own profiles specifically designed for what they were trying to achieve with their shop-fronts. We’ve completed over 50 installations for them so far.”

Besam’s reputation for quality was tested late last year when a powerful storm produced 200km per hour winds in Perth. The day of the storm, Besam technicians were called to the local Bunnings Hardware store to repair a door that had been “blown in”.

“Upon arrival, our technicians discovered that the whole shop-front had been pulled completely out of the wall, but the Besam automatic door system remained intact,” David explains.

“Had Bunnings gone with a lesser-quality shop-front, the outcome could have been much worse with doors and glass flying into the store. The quality and robustness of the Besam automatic door system really saved the day.”

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