Customers want alarm-integrated lock for bikes and cycles


Consumers imagined and French Group company Vachette created it's first range of locks with an alarm.

Vachette has developed a range of cycle and motorbike locks. Last June, Vachette launched Lock Alarme, a unique product in France blending mechanical security with an alarm.

“We wanted to come back to this market with innovative, high-value-added products bearing a competitive price tag,” says Jean-Baptiste Reinachter, product marketing manager.

vachette lock alarme “According to several surveys conducted among consumers, alarms were considered the best way to increase an item’s level of security,” Jean-Baptiste says.

Each of the four versions of Lock Alarme – a cycle lock, a motorbike lock, a multi-use cable lock and a padlock – has an integrated alarm and can be fitted with a motion detector as an option. “As soon as the lock is cut or the security case attacked, the alarm goes off,” Jean Baptiste says.

The cycle and motorbike locks, adapted to the needs of an urban clientele who use the two wheelers to get around, are marketed by cycle dealers and promoted by a major multisport brand. The cable locks and padlocks designed to protect garden furniture, DIY tools or luggage are sold in supermarkets.

To launch the Lock Alarme, Vachette left nothing to chance: a specific logo for the range, modern packaging and communication targeting distribution and relying on the press. The result: some 30 appearances in the specialist press – home, design, DIY, cycles – and highly promising first sales.