Access control and video surveillance unite


While access control and alarm systems have been common features with most companies for a long time, video surveillance has often proved too costly to install and operate for smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This is about to change with the advent of fully integrated access control and IP video as a hosted service.

Adding live video footage to a security system offers new dimensions, according to Fredrik Nilsson, General Manager at Axis North America, a leading supplier of network cameras. “Video offers the important aspect of verification: what incident triggered an alarm and does it call for rapid intervention?”

With a hosted security solution there is no need for massive investments in equipment, says Nilsson. “Hosted services remove the need for in-house servers and other equipment that needs maintenance and you always get access to the latest technology without the need to invest one unplanned cent. All you need are card readers, cameras and internet connectivity, but not a single server or storage device, unless you want that for backup reasons.”

“You don’t even need to install network infrastructure,” adds Glenn Forrester, CEO of Reach Systems in Oakland, California. “As long as there is an Internet connection you can extend your security solution to all locations. The beauty of a hosted system is that all the information gets stored in one place and is accessible from anywhere.”

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