Intelligent home security system


ABLOY CONTROL brings extra convenience to people’s daily lives by making opening doors easy.

This central locking system from Abloy Oy in Finland, is based on wireless communication between lock controllers and an easy-to-use remote key. wireless communicationThe system can administer several functions in a private home such as locking doors, controlling keys, maintaining alarms and turning off water and electricity. It is easy to install in both new and old buildings. No wiring is needed for the battery-operated system. It can include just one door or several, including all external doors of the house or flat, even a garage.

ABLOY CONTROL is a result of determined development work, says Kari Mononen, VP Construction Locking at Abloy:

“Our vision is to open a totally new segment of home locking, where we see remarkable growth potential. We want to offer sophisticated solutions for home security, not only one-door solutions but a complete system, which is wirelessly controlled."

All doors in the home can be locked by a single press of a button – it’s as easy as locking a car. If any door is left open by mistake, the lock controller will signal it. When traveling the memory of the remote key makes it possible to check whether the locking system has been left in security mode at home.

In Finland, ABLOY CONTROL has been installed in both single-family houses and apartment buildings.