When locks become a lifestyle


Raine Borg knows how a lock works the moment he sees the key. He is fascinated by its hidden mechanism. In cooperation with ASSA ABLOY, information about his collection of locks can be found on a website.

Raine will never forget the first key that awakened his interest. It was in Prague in 1962 and the wrought-iron key that he found in a curio shop was beautiful and complex.

“I still have that key,” Raine says. “It aroused my curiosity – I wondered how the lock the key belonged to might look and work. I am fascinated by beautiful technical things.”

Raine’s favorite lock is a brass padlock with an iron shackle, made in Sweden in 1791. The word “VIVAT”, a tribute to the King, is engraved along with the royal cipher of Gustaf III.

He has reconstructed many of his locks, driven by curiosity “to see how they work”.

He now has an impressive collection, as well as a library of related literature. In a meeting with ASSA ABLOY in 2003, the idea was born to create a dynamic website for locks and keys based on Raine’s collection.

“I was extremely impressed by Raine’s collection and his knowledge of the history of locks,” Åke Sund, Executive Vice President Market and Business Development, says.

“After many discussions we decided to publish the material on a website. Last year we translated it to English, brushed up the layout and changed the domain to www.historicallocks.com.”