The smartest lock in town

A new intelligent, wireless lock is set to make extending access control quick, painless and affordable.

Sargent WiFi lockASSA ABLOY’s new WiFi lock, the Sargent VS2, combines the intelligence of an offline lock with the network connectivity of an online lock.

“We have many locks that make their own decisions,” explains Bret Tobey, Intelligent Openings Business Development and Product Manager for ASSA ABLOY Americas. “Decisions such as: ‘Do I let this person in or keep them out?’ Up until now, these locks were a compromise between being able to communicate in real time and making decisions inside the lock. An online lock had no intelligence – it waited for someone to tell it what to do. Not anymore.”

The entire VS2 unit is comprised of a keypad, lock and handle brought together in a stylish, easy-to-install unit. Because it runs on batteries, the lock is ideal for interior doors with a moderate number of entries and users.

A simplified installation process helps make the VS2 lock more cost effective, allowing businesses to utilize an online, intelligent lock in areas that would have proven too costly in the past.

Once installed, the user can control the lock’s access and permissions with a simple browser-based application for a handful of locks, or with their current access control system using an interface kit.

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