Special Mul-T-Lock Locks for Israel Postal Company

The Israel Postal Company relies upon Mul-T-Lock for the continual supply and ongoing improvement of POB locks. The agreement annually totals 150,000 locks, at a total cost of approximately 1.5 million NIS.

“The Israel Postal Company wanted a secure and durable lock for post office boxes,” says Yaron Isakov, First Fit & P.E.U. Manager for the Israeli Market.

“They needed a lock that would withstand all weather conditions – from snow in the country’s high regions, to extreme summertime heat in the southern desert. We met with their representatives, and together we defined their specific needs. Then our R&D team developed a specially customized POB lock, just for them, and since then we have met regularly, every few months, to create further improvements for the product.”

Multi-T-LockThe new locks, fitted into all new post office boxes, and gradually replacing existing locks as well, were developed with special Mul-T-Lock combination series, ensuring advanced security for customers of the Postal Company. Their bright red, easy-to-identify key heads reflect the close cooperation between the two companies – displaying the Mul-T-Lock logo on one side, and the Israel Postal Company logo on the other.

“This is a unique product, not anything you can get off the shelf, but the technology is naturally available for other customers,” says Yaron Isakov.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the Israel Post and so far we have developed around five different special products for them, so they know we are a reliable supplier.”