Security meets convenience at the desktop


HID Global’s contactless iCLASS smart cards are now read by an embedded contactless smart card reader in select models of new Dell Latitude E-Family laptops. Organizations can use a single HID iCLASS card for both physical building access and secure authentication to PCs.

The development means that HID Global – which is a key player in the physical access control and identification technology market – is expanding its presence into “logical security”, a term commonly used to refer to network and computer security.  

When first turning a laptop on, the user presents an iCLASS card to the contactless smart card reader located in the palm rest of the laptop. A valid card presentation will allow the laptop to boot up and take the user to the operating system.

Contactless iCLASS smart cards use secure contactless technology to transmit data between the card and the reader. HID protocols are used to enable the embedded reader. The cards are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and are convenient for users.

Using the same HID card to access both the PC and the building offers users a secure, convenient, and cost-effective solution for both PC and building access.

“Having HID technology seamlessly integrated into a mainstream PC platform is good news for HID customers,” says Denis Hébert, President and CEO of HID Global. “It is this type of development that provides customers with convenient and cost-effective options to secure PCs and the associated data.”