Ruko's solution in keeping with tradition


The tailored solution, installed during the restoration of Rundetårn and the Trinitatis Church, is a combination of Ruko’s CLIQ and dp cylinders—ensuring maximum protection from unwanted guests in these havens of 17th-century scholars. The CLIQ and dp systems are classed as the highest level of security solutions, and combining the two provides extreme flexibility and ease of administration for the head of security.

At the same time, the cylinders are so discreet that hardly any visitors or tourists even notice the updated security on the nearly 400-year old doors. The director at Rundetårn, Jesper Vang Hansen, emphasizes the importance of the locks’ unobtrusiveness:

“Originally we considered installing electronic access control, but that kind of system would clash terribly with the surroundings. That’s why we’re very pleased with this solution.”

One of the advantages of CLIQ is that it’s so easy to recode the keys, which makes the system both future safe and flexible. If the doors last another 400 years, the security system will too.

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