Protecting the priceless

Protecting priceless objects is a particularly tough challenge for public museums and galleries. These institutions face the conflicting dilemma of keeping objects safe, yet allowing millions of visitors a chance to see them.

Protecting priceless objectsExperience shows that fifty percent of all thefts take place on the upper floors of a building, or even from the roof, so security measures should not be limited to motion detection inside the building.

The fact that many galleries are housed in historic buildings adds to the complexity of installing adequate security and creative solutions are required. How and where different objects are displayed inside the museum should also be a part of security planning and it is not enough to depend solely on electronic alarm systems.

“These systems are useless if not combined with structural and organizational measures,” says Ton Cremers, a former security manager at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Redundancy thinking and integrated solutions are the cornerstones of Cremer’s advice when it comes to museum security.

A number of measures can be taken to help museums and galleries fight the growing challenge of theft and armed robbery.

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