OnQueue makes large-volume printing smarter


OnQueue Card Production Software from Fargo makes printing large volumes of cards simpler and more efficient by bringing stand alone printers into a centralized system.

The recently launched software package consists of a client application that sends print jobs from any PC on the network to a server, and a server-based application that manages and processes the jobs as they are created.

All print information is stored in a central database that makes management, back-up and archiving easy.

This fully-scalable solution can manage any number of computers in a single system, from two to more than 20, giving greater flexibility in day-to-day operations. 

Glenn Bottomly, Fargo’s director of product marketing for ID software and systems, says OnQueue provides the efficiency and strong return on investment that is often lacking in existing options. 

“Before OnQueue, companies with large-volume card programs had to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in massive, stationary card printers, or purchase individual printers attached to individual PCs for decentralized card production. Neither option has the efficiency or ROI that OnQueue does.”

Fargo OnQueue CardThe large, stationary printers carry the risk of excess capacity if production volumes are less than expected, and can be brought to a stand still by a single technical problem, while individual printers attached to PCs can become inefficient as production needs increase, and make it difficult to see the ‘big picture’ of what is really happening throughout the production system.

With OnQueue, users can centrally manage the printers they need for the print jobs they have. OnQueue also automatically routes print jobs to printers on the network. Multiple print jobs can be sent to the server individually or in a single batch. Batches, and print jobs within a batch, can be prioritized by level of importance.

If there is a problem with a print job or a printer, the system identifies it and redirects the job. Smart load balancing reroutes jobs if a printer goes offline, eliminating the usual manual retracking, rerouting and reprinting.

Because of its flexibility, OnQueue is perfect for small to large businesses, education and health care facilities, government agencies, recreation centers, card service bureaus or any organization with high volume card production.