NEMEF success in Dutch DIY market

The success of NEMEF products in the Netherlands is being taken even further with big Do-It-Yourself store chains now expanding their range of NEMEF products, making them available from more than 1,300 selling points.

NEMEF has a leading position in the Dutch DIY, focusing on the end user/consumer and trying to build the brand and to boost demand and sales through special consumer campaigns.

The consumer market offers growth opportunities; around 90 per cent of Dutch homes are not burglar proof, according to current standards. With this promotion NEMEF will try to stimulate and trigger consumers to secure their homes.

In the past six months, 114 stores in the Karwei chain and 139 shops in the Praxis chain have been upgraded to feature extended NEMEF product ranges.

Formido extends the NEMEF product rangeFrom this month, DIY chain Formido will also start extending their NEMEF product range. DIY Product Manager Bartho van Maare says that, together with their distributor Interfer, NEMEF had been preparing the extension with Formido for a number of years.

“There have been long discussions and several proposals,” van Maare says. “It took a long time, due to various reasons, but we are glad that at the beginning of this year, they finally agreed.
“Keys for success were the complete offer NEMEF has for the residential market, the blister package and last but not least the proven high profit per m².”

Apart from the well-known inner door locks, NEMEF security products (security locks, cylinders, door furniture) will now also be available in all 80 Formido shops. The extension programs have been backed by a radio advertising campaign during May and June, with the slogan “The original NEMEF locks: If you look closely, you see them everywhere.” With NEMEF products now being sold at 1,300 points in the Netherlands, it certainly holds true.

“Our consumer concept is very sophisticated with clear view blister package for optimal visibility of the products. We use colour segmentation (red for security and blue for standard products) and pictograms to create an attractive and strong communicative package, helping the consumer to find the right product or solution,“ van Maare says.

“DIY retailer Formido is pleased with the new assortment and the way their distributor Interfer arranged the project. In a few months Formido will have their first sales results. In my experience, every extension or change in assortment or shelve space plan gives a positive result,” he concludes.