Moving towards open systems


The American National Standard ANSI/SIA OSIPS DVI-01:2008* marks an historic step on the path towards greater maturity in the market.

It is the first in a series of standards from SIA's Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) body being developed to meet demand for compatibility with emerging IT products and services in the security industry. 

The security industry is seeing dramatic changes as IT and IP solutions become more prevalent and it has progressed to the point where solution providers are allowing end-users to easily select the best combination of products for their specific needs.

“This is a real step towards open systems,” says Gary Klinefelter, Vice President of Strategic Innovation for HID Global, and Chairman of the SIA Standards Committee. “It creates a framework for security devices to communicate in a fashion that did not exist before. The IT side of the house may say that we have lots of standards already, but I say that they are not tailored towards the security industry and its needs.”

For end-users, the lack of standards has presented greater difficulty in integrating solutions together.  Also, for many enterprise and government clients the lack of standards means having to support more than one manufacturer’s head-end and monitoring software.

The SIA's OSIPS body of work is focused on two areas: security systems integration standards that will lead to more flexible and effective application of security technologies and systems; and security equipment performance standards.

* SIA Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards - Digital Video Interface Data Model.

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